Saturday, September 8, 2018

Military Technologies

So i'm thinking all these software from the 1970s to early 80s and projected for the 90s and 2000s were just given or bestowed by the military to the right person/s and them becoming sure billionaires in the internet boom, honoring my decisions and business projections or forecasts. I was the one military General/Admiral deciding for the computer, internet and tech industry. 

How come i wasn't given Yahoo, or Google or Facebook as one of major shareholders if the names Jerry Yang, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and Mark Zuckerberg were indeed already set from the very start? Because the military analysts probably became greedy they stole my ownerships, or were envious they deprived me of my supposed ownerships. 

I should had been hopping from company to company, owning bonds and shares, and be one of the world's top billionaires. 

Already co-owning Microsoft, I was supposed to be Yahoo with Jerry Yang, then maybe Google or Facebook, hopping from company to company.

I'm remembering a baby Mark Zuckerberg brought to me by a now former US President (if it was really Mark :-) ) to be probably blessed by me. They can still remember i was Wizard-Priest and wanted me to prime him for computer science. 

Well, i was really a good man who wanted immediate World Peace. 😇 

Was Spotify military technology too? Most probably.

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