Saturday, September 8, 2018

Computer and Tech Companies


What happened in the computer industry are my inventions, designs, improvements, design decisions, and business maneuvers for the top companies.

I was the one who made possible the IBM PC (and IBM PC clones) industry in conjunction with my designs and major improvements in Intel and AMD microprocessors. I'm supposed to co-own these companies. As such, i'm asking $25 billion each from IBM and Intel.

I'm the one asking for $100 billion from Facebook, $100 billion from Apple, $125 billion from Microsoft, $110 billion from Google, $75 billion from Samsung; IBM ($25 billion), Intel ($25 billion), Acer ($10 billion), Dell ($10 billion), HP ($10 billion).

I made Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, even the Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Chairman CEO profile, etc. I was the one, the genius military General, deciding for everything science and technology, acting as "moderator" on what is to happen in the computer and internet industry, my timetable of decades which they of course followed. [Late 1970s Martial Law Cold War in the Philippines to early 80s.]

It seems this industry has forgotten me. But they would come to me indeed when i was in grade school, either reminding me of my co-ownerships in the business tech companies or they were there to steal my shares. I just chose to lay low for a while in the 1980s, having destroyed or decommissioned our Starfleet weapons and technologies. I have seen too much deaths in military or corporate fights in the real Cold War in the computer and internet industry.

I made or planned Google with a former very tough IBM group. I made Apple in the time of Novell Networks and Linux, and Bill Joy.

That's Classified Top Secret... Now i want a few billion$.



Gerald R Tamayo 

Gerald, May 2018

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