Saturday, September 8, 2018


I created Google too. It's formerly our satellite company we evolved into Google. My Google Analytics tools were taught by me as "AI tools" already. Google Search, Gmail, Google Translate, YouTube, etc. 

I just chose to make me/us forget. 

YouTube is mine. 

Internet Payment System (IPS) = Internet Service Provider (ISP). That's why you group them into one giant (music) service provider. We knew that all along. Movies actually earn more with YouTube, not only through CD's and DVD's. We computed that before. Now there is Apple Music and Sony Music. 

I wasn't included as founder/shareholder at the official startup date of Yahoo, Google, or Facebook. We have the rights (intellectual property, original planner/creator as known by the world's leaders and military), and we even should have the money in world banks for that. 

But i think they wanted me to be Yahoo in College, and that Larry Page went to me in College too, wanting me to be Google, but i cannot fully remember that time. I lacked the technical expertise, not genius, so i kinda backpedalled. I probably told him to "remember me when the billion$ are there." (Others might say i didn't need to be fully genius to join Google. I can just work on it indeed as we go along. Well, they had very high expectations of me before.) 

Now i need a few billion$ from Microsoft. And Google. 

In 1st year or 2nd year in college (1992 or 1993, Mapua Institute of Technology), we analyzed again silicon microchips tech and provided more advanced ones; my group won. I suddenly recalled my microchips knowledge from when i was a child genius and gave great contributions to the group. I was congratulated and bestowed my 2-minute fame. However, as before, i would not so easily give away the most powerful technologies, giving just clues and caveats to the authorities. (That's my FB post on Gallium Oxide.)

They probably had said "We had to steal from this guy. He's inventing and designing everything!" 

Thanks to the Internet, Facebook and Messenger, i am able to message the movie companies etc. for my concerns, even Facebook! without me being physically threatened by corrupt corporate bullies. 

Come to think of it, "If this guy is telling the truth, then the computer and internet industry owe him a lot!"

Google, Pay me. 

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