Saturday, September 8, 2018

First Blog

These blogs will be about my memories of the late 1970s to the 80s where i figured most in science and technology, CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET (now DECLASSIFIED?). That's Martial Law in the Philippines and Cold War worldwide.

They are from huge content in my emails and Facebook Messenger messages, copy pasted here, combined and edited. Post titles may vary from email subjects.

I have been emailing Microsoft people for quite some time now, asking for my previous Microsoft ownerships. I decided to blog now these emails. I reason i made some similar public comments anyway in YouTube and Facebook.

-- Gerald R. "General James Bond" Tamayo 

   geraldrtamayo (at) gmail .com 
   compgt (at) gmail .com 

My Facebook page is here.  

G.R. Tamayo, July 2018

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