Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I am saying i'm supposed to co-own Facebook, having designed and planned Facebook's technologies and development, tradename, trademark/logo, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), etc. maybe even creating the name "Mark Zuckerberg" or the Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO profile. (Late 1970s Martial Law Cold War here in the Philippines to the 80s.) 

Is this FACT? The records/history are even created or decided by me. I was supposed to be major stockholder again, maintaining the MZ profile. But they didn't come to me at the time of official startup of Yahoo, Google, and yes Facebook, but i was supposed to co-own already Microsoft, Apple, or IBM, or Intel. No ownerships by me, because they simply had to forget about me in the end. There were attempts in the late 80s, however, to give me or "remind" me of Facebook. 

I should had been hopping from company to company, owning bonds and shares, and be one of the world's top billionaires. 

Has Mark Zuckerberg received my messages? Facebook, have you seen or noticed my recent public posts and public comments, me asking billion$ or million$ from movie companies and computer and internet companies? Please do. I ask $100 billion from Facebook. Sure, he can bargain. Please inform the Facebook major shareholders. 

I should be suing the companies, but out of court *settlement*, without litigation or court trial, is more appropriate for me. I don't have the money to pursue lawsuits that may take years or more than a decade. 

I was creating, designing or minding the Facebook GUI during "Star Trek Enterprise" TV series shoot. They were also reminding me about Facebook or the early Facebook apps when shooting the Star Trek movies (starring Chris Pine). 

The social networking algorithm of facebook was my design. It is the combined algorithm of all the neural network algorithms of all "groups." The moment I left it to their hands, it already runs to its optimal configuration, as I observed in actual "tests." It is a balancing algorithm, so "every now and then, it gets even." 

It's our work: early social networking sites/Facebook, Microsoft, Google, IBM/Intel, hard disks, memory cards, networking, data centers, etc. 

I see the Cold War is also about me, and our tech companies being taken from us. I am supposed to be multi-billionaire, even perhaps the first trillionaire. 

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